Tuesday, November 4, 2008


A couple days ago was halloween!!!! and it was soo cool. me and my family went to the Hebbs house and ate dinner there and then took pictures on the stairs like we do every year, then went trick or treating!!!! I was a devil,my sister was a beauty queen,Alyssa was a captin jack sparrow,Lexi was a diva, and beau was a 2 headed monster!!!! we all went to seville and trick or treated there.we got Lots of CANDY!!!! we also went to a haunted house too.we went in the haunteed house soo many times we got kicked out!!!! on the way back to alyssa`s house we took the golf cart, and we couldnt find a opening to get out of this one place by bashas, and me and alyssa were cold and scared so we just ate some of our candy it was fun. also one of my friends Payge from school txted me when we were on the golf cart and because my hands were soo cold I messed up a billion times!!!! when we finnally got back to Alyssa`s house we did the big TRADE!!!! what the big trade is, is when u sort ur candy into groups then trade with somebody and get the candy u really want! cool huh, we do it every year!!!! then sadly we had to go home but, i still think this Halloween ROCKED!!!!
Happy Halloween!!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

my birthday party sleepover

today and yesterday was my birthday party sleepover,if ur wondering why i didnt upload my birthday first its because i need the pics. from my mommy,i promise they will be on here soon.
soo, anyway my party, was soo fun we played: hide and go seek,wierless hunt,went on the tramp,went to the park,prankcalled ppl, and lots of other stuffs. it was a lot of fun.Me,Alyssa,Mikahla,Lexi,Megan,Rachel,and Sarah were all there!!!! me and alyssa were of couse the last ones asleep(we always are!!!!) thats why alyssa is soo tierd she is yaninnig. then we are the last 2 to wake up!!!! at our first sleepover we stayed up till 4:00 am.!!!! when we woke up as u can see above we took lots of pics. me and Alyssa were txting eachother even though we were 10in. away from eachother! wierd huh. then we took a picture of megan the first 3 sec. that she had been up. later, when everyone left,except Mikahla, and my cousin Sarah. me,rachel and them went to the park to have some fun. we took lots of pics. there 2. I hope my next party will be this much fun!!!!
Happy Birthday 2 Me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

back to school

today we went back 2 school after our 2 week break. and it was soo tiering!!!! i almost fell asleep in class, i was soo tierd. and rachel had lots of home work. but when rachel was done doing homework we went to the park with our friends abbey and hannah, in our nieborhood. we had lots of fun!!!! P.S my birthday is in 1 week i will be turning 12, cool huh. i`ll be blogging my birthday and my birthday party, so wach 4 updates!!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rachels 9th b-day party

yesterday was my sistas 9th birthday party and it was soo fun!!!!
when ppl got there me and Alyssa did the lil kids hair,make-up and clothes. then went out side for a red carpet photo shoot and interviews. it was soo cool!!!! and Lexi she must haved loved her hair style soo much ,cuz she kept it in her hair for 3 whole days!!!! so here are some pics. of us gettin ready 4 red carpet and on red carpet.
Happy 9th Birthday Rachel!!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Rachels 9th birthday

today was my sisters 9th birthdAY. and she got Hannah Montana earings and a hannah Montana rico surf shop set. also a polly pocket mega mall!!!! she loves her gifts so much !!!!
i even took pics. at school!!!! my daddy took us to school 2 day on his way 2 work cuz he was la8te. but we were VERRRRRY EEEEEARLYYY !!!!! we were the 4th and 5th people there !!!! so we just took pictures.
Happy 9th Birthday Rach!!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


today was the day before my sisters 9th birthday and 2 days before my grandmas birthday. so today we had dinner combo for my grandmas birthday and my sistas we went on the tramp, we ate cake, and Rachel of course lost her tooth she sneezed on the tramp (on the pic. above) then pop it came out. there is another of her holding it in a plastic bag in the kitchen. so anyway we took lots of pics. and sorry if some are blury. tomarrow 9-22-08 is her real b-day. the next day 9-23-08 is my grandmas b-day. and the worst thing of all was that today was the last day yankee stadium was ever played in!!! :( i know i a new york yankee fan, but so what they Rock ur SOx off!!!! ( they won the last game ever in that stadium).
Happy birthday Rach!!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

me and my sista

me and my sista are like any ordinary sisters. we fight, we laugh, we cry, and some times we are just plain wierd! so i am gonna tell you about me and my sista Rachel. Rachel is my sister and my only sibling, she is a little wired and crazy sometimes but i still will love her always! right now she is 8 years old, gonna turn 9 on september 22. I am 11, gonna turn 12 october 22.
me and rachel are alot the same and alot alike.
we both LOVE Hannah Montana!, we both like Beauty Pageants and we both love shoping!
I like the Jonas Brothers she dosnt she likes playing fake school on the weekends, i dont.(dont we have enough school during the week? who needs it on the weekends!, not me!!!!)so you get it, right. so one of the pictures was taken when we were very little you can see. we were at our grandma an grandpas house there. the other was at a beach house in california last year.Another was on Halloween a couple of years ago, I was a Diva and she was fairytopias fairy Princess. another, was Rachel, when she was a baby she was eating spagettios while waching a movie. the last one is of Rachel and her beastest friend in the whole world Lexi, Alyssa`s sista. we had a sleepover 2 weeks ago and we did there hair clothes, shoes, acssessiories, and make- up. me and my sis always have somthing to do weather it`s playing wierd games, or listing to music, or having a sleepover, or even fighting, we always have eachother!!!!