Tuesday, November 4, 2008


A couple days ago was halloween!!!! and it was soo cool. me and my family went to the Hebbs house and ate dinner there and then took pictures on the stairs like we do every year, then went trick or treating!!!! I was a devil,my sister was a beauty queen,Alyssa was a captin jack sparrow,Lexi was a diva, and beau was a 2 headed monster!!!! we all went to seville and trick or treated there.we got Lots of CANDY!!!! we also went to a haunted house too.we went in the haunteed house soo many times we got kicked out!!!! on the way back to alyssa`s house we took the golf cart, and we couldnt find a opening to get out of this one place by bashas, and me and alyssa were cold and scared so we just ate some of our candy it was fun. also one of my friends Payge from school txted me when we were on the golf cart and because my hands were soo cold I messed up a billion times!!!! when we finnally got back to Alyssa`s house we did the big TRADE!!!! what the big trade is, is when u sort ur candy into groups then trade with somebody and get the candy u really want! cool huh, we do it every year!!!! then sadly we had to go home but, i still think this Halloween ROCKED!!!!
Happy Halloween!!!!