Saturday, August 23, 2008

me and my sista

me and my sista are like any ordinary sisters. we fight, we laugh, we cry, and some times we are just plain wierd! so i am gonna tell you about me and my sista Rachel. Rachel is my sister and my only sibling, she is a little wired and crazy sometimes but i still will love her always! right now she is 8 years old, gonna turn 9 on september 22. I am 11, gonna turn 12 october 22.
me and rachel are alot the same and alot alike.
we both LOVE Hannah Montana!, we both like Beauty Pageants and we both love shoping!
I like the Jonas Brothers she dosnt she likes playing fake school on the weekends, i dont.(dont we have enough school during the week? who needs it on the weekends!, not me!!!!)so you get it, right. so one of the pictures was taken when we were very little you can see. we were at our grandma an grandpas house there. the other was at a beach house in california last year.Another was on Halloween a couple of years ago, I was a Diva and she was fairytopias fairy Princess. another, was Rachel, when she was a baby she was eating spagettios while waching a movie. the last one is of Rachel and her beastest friend in the whole world Lexi, Alyssa`s sista. we had a sleepover 2 weeks ago and we did there hair clothes, shoes, acssessiories, and make- up. me and my sis always have somthing to do weather it`s playing wierd games, or listing to music, or having a sleepover, or even fighting, we always have eachother!!!!