Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rachels 9th b-day party

yesterday was my sistas 9th birthday party and it was soo fun!!!!
when ppl got there me and Alyssa did the lil kids hair,make-up and clothes. then went out side for a red carpet photo shoot and interviews. it was soo cool!!!! and Lexi she must haved loved her hair style soo much ,cuz she kept it in her hair for 3 whole days!!!! so here are some pics. of us gettin ready 4 red carpet and on red carpet.
Happy 9th Birthday Rachel!!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Rachels 9th birthday

today was my sisters 9th birthdAY. and she got Hannah Montana earings and a hannah Montana rico surf shop set. also a polly pocket mega mall!!!! she loves her gifts so much !!!!
i even took pics. at school!!!! my daddy took us to school 2 day on his way 2 work cuz he was la8te. but we were VERRRRRY EEEEEARLYYY !!!!! we were the 4th and 5th people there !!!! so we just took pictures.
Happy 9th Birthday Rach!!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


today was the day before my sisters 9th birthday and 2 days before my grandmas birthday. so today we had dinner combo for my grandmas birthday and my sistas we went on the tramp, we ate cake, and Rachel of course lost her tooth she sneezed on the tramp (on the pic. above) then pop it came out. there is another of her holding it in a plastic bag in the kitchen. so anyway we took lots of pics. and sorry if some are blury. tomarrow 9-22-08 is her real b-day. the next day 9-23-08 is my grandmas b-day. and the worst thing of all was that today was the last day yankee stadium was ever played in!!! :( i know i a new york yankee fan, but so what they Rock ur SOx off!!!! ( they won the last game ever in that stadium).
Happy birthday Rach!!!!