Saturday, October 25, 2008

my birthday party sleepover

today and yesterday was my birthday party sleepover,if ur wondering why i didnt upload my birthday first its because i need the pics. from my mommy,i promise they will be on here soon.
soo, anyway my party, was soo fun we played: hide and go seek,wierless hunt,went on the tramp,went to the park,prankcalled ppl, and lots of other stuffs. it was a lot of fun.Me,Alyssa,Mikahla,Lexi,Megan,Rachel,and Sarah were all there!!!! me and alyssa were of couse the last ones asleep(we always are!!!!) thats why alyssa is soo tierd she is yaninnig. then we are the last 2 to wake up!!!! at our first sleepover we stayed up till 4:00 am.!!!! when we woke up as u can see above we took lots of pics. me and Alyssa were txting eachother even though we were 10in. away from eachother! wierd huh. then we took a picture of megan the first 3 sec. that she had been up. later, when everyone left,except Mikahla, and my cousin Sarah. me,rachel and them went to the park to have some fun. we took lots of pics. there 2. I hope my next party will be this much fun!!!!
Happy Birthday 2 Me!!!!!!!!!!!!